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Hills Taxidermy deer
Hills Taxidermy deer

I’ve been in business for over 25 years. The first 20 years I mounted everything including lots of fish and birds of all species. As time went on I got overbooked, so I switched to my passion, white tail deer and big game animals.

By specializing in mammals—both big game and small game—I can spend more time, quality time, on all my mounts just as every mount deserves. I no longer have to rush through all the birds and fish that would eat up my time.

Now I have all the time needed to turn out the quality work that your trophy deserves. I don’t care how long they take to mount, just that they are as nice as possible.

I professionally tan my capes/hides for top quality lifetime mounts, using all the newest forms and supplies available today so your trophies look great today, tomorrow and forever. Clients from 20 years ago still exclaim that their mounts look great!

My experience over 25 years is vast… I’ve done hundreds of white tails, many African shoulder and full body mounts. Many bear, from rugs to shoulder mounts, life size, ½ body, charging and walking scenes. I’ve done world record moose, lots of caribou, all the cats including lions and bobcats. I’ve done all the small game: fox, coyote rugs to lifesize pedestal mounts as well as wall scenes, snow scenes. You name it I do it.

Please take a close look at my gallery. I will treat your mount like it’s going in my show room.
I have been hunting in many locations around the world including Canada, Africa and all over the United States. I know what it means to have a trophy. I will treat it as such. Every mount, every time!

Tim Hills